Induction Skull Melting

 - Induction Skull Melting ISM is a method of melting 

   metals in a segmented, water-cooled copper vessel

   while under vacuum or controlled atmosphere using an

   induction coil. This is done metal-to-metal, without a

   refractory lining


 - The process is most often used in casting with over the

   lip pouring, but it can also be used in ingot production.

   In this case, open-bottom crucibles with a drawn down

   starter plug are used to slowly withdraw an ingot from

   top fed charge material.

Ti Casting Product

- Using the Ti alloy scraps & Raw materials 

- Ti Al Turbine Wheel

 - Ti 6Al 4V (Gr. 5) : Defense & Aerospace Parts

 - Chemical Plant & Sports Parts 

 - Others casting products as demand

 - Manufacturing Information : Check the Technology