Plasma Arc Melting

 - Plasma Arc Melting Cold Hearth furnace uses an electrically

   excited gas, typically Helium or Argon, to melt reactive and

   refractory metals in a sealed chamber, under inert atmosphere.

   The Cold Hearth is a water-cooled, copper vessel is devoid of

   contaminating elements like Oxygen and yields clean, as-cast

   metal by removing high and low density inclusions during the

   cold hearth refining process.

 -  The plasma arc torch column provides the heat source with

    maximum temperatures well above 15,000 K. Under these

    process conditions evaporation of alloying elements can be

    suppressed and complex alloy compositions can be produced.

Ti Alloy Ingot Manufacturing

 - Using the processed clean Ti & Ti alloy scraps and more.

 - Low Cost & Low inclusions : Very Clean Ti alloy Ingot.

 - All Ti alloy Ingots can be produced.

 - It is possible to produce ingots, especially high melting point

   metals. (Nb, W, Co, Mo etc)

 - Manufacturing Information : Check the Technology