Ni Co alloy manufacturing

we are buying Ni Co alloy chips.

1. crushing

2. blending

3. sampling (melting)

4. spec testing

5. pricing

                                        july, 2018

after formnext 2017 in frankfurt

With ZOZ group (

Formnext 2017 in


You know formnext ? 

If you come, let you know what is the 3d metal printing.


3D printing/ additive manufacturing

01~02 NOV, 2017 in Changwon City in


    Doctor Min chul, Kang (3D Printing

    research union)

2. Material & Materials development :

    Doctor Jae Gen, Hong (Korea Institute

    of Materials Science)

3. AeroSpace : Chung Sik, Shin

    (Hanwa Techwin)
4. Heavy Industry :

    Doctor Young Suk, Song

5. Metal additive manufacturting :

    Docotr Seng Hwan, Joo

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